Pick Your Brain! Live Quiz with Phil Smyth

Phil Smyth (RTE’s After School Hub) has the questions and the bad jokes but do you have the answers? Join us for this fun 60-minute quiz that will a wide range of topics and tests for all ages!

And there will be great prizes to be won.

Options for a family audience and a grown up audience available, register on the Science Foundation Ireland Eventbrite page

Now in its 25th year, Science Week 2020 will take place from November 8th to 15th against a societal backdrop never previously experienced in our lifetime. Now, more than ever, we have turned to the information science provides to guide our decisions.  

The core theme for Science Week 2020 is ‘Science Week - Choosing our Future’ focusing on how science can improve our lives in the future, and in the present. This will explore how science can help us to make positive choices that will impact the environment, our health, and our quality of life. Changes based in scientific evidence that we make today can hugely improve our future life, but also right now. The subject matter is broad and will incorporate topics such as the future of work, the future of health and wellbeing and how we will all live in a world where we have had to mitigate and adapt to the challenges facing society. Climate change has not gone away, and now society has had to unite and face the coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Throughout Science Week there will be a variety of ways for you to get involved through events, interviews, social media and much more. You can also use and follow #ScienceWeek online.

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Join the conversation on Choosing our Future, an online public forum.

Science Foundation Ireland is calling on the Irish public this Science Week to share your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and participate in a mass public debate to have your voice heard on what we have learned from this pandemic. This is a unique opportunity for the public to inform how we would like our future to look in areas of our lives that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Through this Forum, we have provided a space for the public to have your say and provide a space where policymakers can listen to citizens directly.

The forum will be open for registration from Wed 4 Nov. Active debate will begin on Tuesday 10 Nov at 8pm and run until Friday 13 Nov 4pm.

Register now - www.choosingourfuture.ie

Science Week Ireland is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. The Science Week programme includes workshops, science shows, talks, laboratory demonstrations, science walks and other science-related events. It is a collaboration of events involving industry, colleges, schools, libraries, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. In 2020, Science Week will have a number of regional festivals offering a range of opportunities for the public to engage with STEM in across Ireland.